Sunday, 11 May 2014


Inspired by the heavy liner dominating the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2014, I thought I'd show you how to recreate a very easy, pretty much fool-proof 1960s inspired look. Yes, I know, how on-trend of me. The tutorial is an example of how I would take inspiration from beauty trends and make them wearable. Truthfully, I wouldn't saunter to the supermarket in this look, but it makes a nice change from a smokey eye on a night out.

So, if you like the look of this homage to the screen sirens of the 1960s, but don't want the hassle of sitting with a makeup artist for several hours, then here's my step-by-step guide:

1. Put a base on your eyes. I actually used the base as the lid colour since I wanted something completely matte. Think of shimmer as your enemy in this look. My choice was MAC's Painterly Paint Pot but any matte skin tone shadow will do.

2. Use a cool brown in the crease for a slight definition. MAC's Omega eyeshadow was perfect here.

3. Using a smaller brush, apply a line of darker brown shadow over the top of the cool brown to create a cut crease. I used Paper Bag from the Sleek matte eyeshadow palette, but any mid-tone brown is fine.

4. Blend in this shadow until the line is softened but still slightly visible.

5. Using a black kohl pencil, roughly line your upper lashline, thickening it towards the outer corner and forming a subtle flick. Join this up with a thin line on your bottom lashline. It's probably best for you to refer to the photo on this one. A photo's worth a thousand words, as they say! You want to make sure the flick comes out quite far but doesn't go above your crease.

6. Using a matte black shadow (again, I used the Sleek matte shadow palette for this) smudge out the line you have create, especially the flick and outer corner. This will give the eye look a hazy, sultry effect.

7. Add as much mascara as you can physically get on your lashes, and remember not to neglect your bottom ones. After all, the 1960s were all about crazy doll-like eyes. I also added a nude liner to my waterline to brighten it up a little.

And that's all there is to it! Using a kohl pencil makes this look perfect for novice liner users because it is much easier to apply than the liquid or gel kind. Plus, it doesn't matter if it's slightly wobbly as you'll be smudging it after anyway.

For the face, I added only a contour and powder over my foundation because I felt the finish was more 1960s than if I had used a blush on the cheeks. I also decided to contour my nose with a small shadow brush to give that really perfect profile. 

Doing such a pale lip is quite new territory for me but I really loved the plumpness it gave. I used a nude ModelCo lip liner (one that I got free in a magazine *ahem*) and a Topshop lipstick in the colour Pillow Talk. 

I hope you like the look. I'm definitely going to recreate this for a few nights out! 


  1. love this! I'm so bad with eyeliner though it probably wouldn't turn out this way hah


    1. That's the magic of the pencil and eyeshadow trick! You can just blend it out when it goes wrong! :) x

  2. This is a lovely look! I love the 60s siren makeup style, although I do struggle with it. Sometimes it just looks like I've been in a fight with 2 black eyes. lol.

    Adore your blog, just followed you on bloglovin. :) Fashion & Beauty Blog