Friday, 7 February 2014


January really was a month of reinvention for me in more than the generic gym membership and wine-down-the-sink sort of way. Though, if you did complete dry January or have honed your body to goddess perfection, I hold my hands up to you in awe. But, no, really, without all the dramatic statements and sentimentality, I hope this could be the start of a productive year. Having rebranded my blog into this masterpiece that you are currently reading, giving my occupational life a well-needed overhaul, and just choosing to utilise my time a lot better, it should be a delightfully busy few months. For once, it appears I've taken those twelve chimes and champagne toasts seriously. Wow, it's right about now that I wish I had made resolutions. It seems always the case that the one time you don't try with all your might to make something happen, the proactive monster inside you is unleashed with such force that it kind of takes you by surprise. Time to stop rambling off into this abyss of a tangent and get on with those products that have made my January just that little bit prettier.

The Beauty Favourites

1. Rimmel's 'Match Perfection' Foundation
This actually is a new purchase for the new year. I'll link a full review of this product, here. However, let me just reiterate that I'm a bit of a foundation snob. There are only a handful that I will use because I hate cakey makeup with a passion and any orangey oxidisation really shows up on my pale skin. I can safely reassure you, having used this for the whole of January, that this foundation is neither cakey or orange.

Side note: those of you who like to use a colour too dark for your skin, please blend it down your neck and onto our ears if they're visible. Maybe you think nobody is going to notice. We do. Everytime. 

2. Sleek's 'Vintage Romance' Palette
I've spent a lot of time with this baby over the past month because it was my spotlight product of January. The fact that I have not got bored/sick of it definitely says a lot about the quality and variety of this palette. Here's a full review of it. 

3. Topshop's 'Glow' Highlighter
Winter is far from my favourite season. No matter how many layers I laboriously pack on, I will always be cold, and everything seems tinged with a dull greyness. The cold air and increased use of central heating plays havoc with my skin and tends to make it look really lifeless. This highlight is lovely and warm; a little glass pot of vitamin D. I especially like to use it as an inner corner highlight, but, honestly, I would smother it all over my face if it was socially acceptable. 

4. Revlon's 'Lash Potion' Mascara by 'Grow Luscious'
I was hesitant to try this particular mascara. The original 'Grow Luscious' did condition my lashes but left them clumpy and unappealing. On the other hand, the 'Lash Potion' contains all the great conditioning qualities of the original, but with a much better application. It gives my eyelashes volume but still separates them efficiently. A quick tip for you, though: ensure you leave the store with the right colour; I didn't check and picked up brown instead of black, oops. 

5. Simple's 'Illuminating Radiance Cream'
It sounds pretty specialist but this is really just a light moisturiser with a tonne of very fine glitter chucked in. I think there might be a pattern forming here. Obviously, healthy and glowing skin is very important to me at this time of year. I usually still apply a rich moisturiser underneath because it doesn't quite give my skin as much nourishment as I'd like it to. 

The Non-Beauty Favourites

6. Starbucks' New Mocha Lattes
So many calories, but just so yummy. One of the varieties doesn't even have a Venti option, seemingly because it exceeds Starbucks' maximum calorie allowance. If that doesn't make you want to try it, I don't know what will.

7. Pinterest
Swallows your time up, like Sims did to your childhood, but its great for beauty inspiration, funny little pictures and beautifully-presented motivational quotes. If you haven't already tried it, where have you been?! But, seriously, my Pinterest is linked here, if you're nosy, like me, and want to have a look at some of my favourites. 

8. It'sGrace
New and improved channel from YouTube legend Grace Helbig. Some comic relief from the horrendous weather we have in Britain at the moment. The only person I've seen who can make awkwardness and baseball tops look quite so humorous and adorable. Although, be warned, that swallowing up your time thing I was talking about? Yep, that applies to this as well.


  1. really want to try match perfection and the topshop highlighter!

    xx fameliquorlove

    1. I would definitely recommend both of them. I am particularly addicted to the Topshop highlighter, though. It gives such a lovely glow to the face and I think the packaging looks really expensive. x

  2. Hi great blog! I also want to try the match foundation! You've tempted me!
    I have nominated you for the Leibster award, can see you already have been nominated before but if you wanted to check it out details are on my blog :)

    1. Hi Selina, thanks so much for nominating me! I'll have a look now and get to answering your questions! x