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It is very hard, as a lover of beauty blogs, not to be drawn into the MAC fan club. When browsing the makeup blogosphere, you can't get very far without encountering that little black and white logo. This summer, while proudly strolling out of my local shopping centre with that little paper bag, I felt a sense of beauty enlightenment. Truth be told, it had taken me many, many months to both decide on the eyeshadows I would purchase and justify spending such a lot of money on such a luxury item.

Having used (and fallen in love with) my MAC eyeshadows for the past 6 months now, I thought it was about time I discussed my impressions of the shades I have already purchased. Especially as I'll definitely be purchasing some more shadows soon; partly because I have hit pan on my two favourite shades, but also just because I really want to provide some more pretty colours with a nice new home in my MAC palette.

So, Why MAC?

In my opinion, MAC eyeshadows are seen as the staple beauty junkie product. They are the Porsche (that's a good car, right?) of the makeup world. If you watch a lot of makeup tutorials (and by a lot I mean that for the hours you've spent studying YouTube beauty videos, you should probably have some sort of qualification by now) you'll find that often shades are spoken about in relation to MAC ones. It is also very important that you know you are getting a good quality product for the (let's face it) rather large amount of money you are spending.

My Current MAC Eyeshadows

Omega- Absolute staple. Perfect for filling in blonde/light brown eyebrows (this is the only product I ever use on my eyebrows and will ever need). It is also a fantastic crease colour for a pale complexion.

Naked Lunch- Beautiful base colour. Contains shimmer but still looks natural on the eyes. Can be used for a day look or dressed up for the evening. Recently, I had one of my close friends ask what base shadow I used. You know you're on to a winner when your friends start asking you makeup advice.

Satin Taupe- One of those beauty blogger favourites. Looks pretty paired with Naked Lunch or wear it on its own, all over the lid. Honestly, I haven't used it half as much as Omega and Naked Lunch but it can create a simple, pretty, one-shadow eye look.

Star Violet- More of an indulgent purchase. Really brings out green eyes. I like to blend it under my eyes and in my crease for a dramatic and romantic look. However, I wouldn't wear this on a daily basis.

5 Pieces Of Advice From One Beginner To Another

1. Pick staple shades. Practical doesn't equal boring.

2. Choose shades that suit your colouring and eye colour. If you aren't an avid beauty blog reader then ask the experts at your local MAC counter or do some internet research.

3. Trust the majority but be sensible. If there is a particularly popular shade in the beauty community it is probably for a reason. However, if you don't think you'd ever use that colour eyeshadow then don't buy it!

4. Select a good mis of wearable and special shades. It's nice to own a few ultra-glamorous eyeshadows as well as the practical ones. 

5. Don't rush into anything. Take your time choosing. I still only have 4 shadows in my palette and I've had it for over 6 months. Maybe that's slightly over-cautious, but hey, I want my dream palette at the end of this!

Top Tip
Purchase the refill shadows, rather than the stand alone one. They are £2 cheaper and it is definitely more practical to keep them in a palette if you are planning on building up a collection. Plus, the palettes are actually pretty cheap in comparison to other MAC products. 

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