Friday, 31 January 2014


Here is the second instalment of my makeup bag series! Today, I am interviewing Beth, who is a 22 year old graduate, currently living in Surrey. 

Do you wear makeup on a day to day basis?
Yes but only light make-up - mascara and eyeliner. I'd rather have an extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning than waking up earlier to make an effort with my face!

At what age did you start wearing makeup properly? 
Probably only around 18. I was a bit late jumping on the make-up bandwagon.

How long does it take you to apply your makeup?
5 minutes. More like 20 if I'm going out.

Where is your makeup bag from?


Which product could you not live without?

Mascara or my Fudge hair powder for some volume.

What is your go-to makeup look?

Matte skin, flicked eyeliner and red lippy - I keep it pretty classic.

What products did you use to create the makeup look you are wearing now?

I'm a right drugstore girl! I love Barry M mascara, kohl pencil, lipsticks and nail polish. That's probably my staple brand and then I just pick and choose items from other brands like 2true and elf. My go-to going out look that is pictured is Maybelline dream matte mousse, Boots Natural Collection blush, Barry M mascara, kohl eyeliner and lipstick (It has great staying power!) and 2true liquid eyeliner.

Are there any products in your makeup bag that you are disappointed with?
I'm not too sure about the Boots Natural Collection blush; it doesn't apply very evenly or last that long.

Do you prefer your makeup bag to be full of new products or tried and tested ones?
Tried and tested - if it ain't broke! It takes some pretty good advertising to get me to buy different products.

Which celebrity has your favourite makeup style?

Eek, toughy! I'm going to say Nicki Minaj because her face is just flawless. Not that I'd copy the more crazy looks she's done!

1. Barry M 'Lash Modelling' mascara, 2. Maybelline 'Dream Matte Mousse' foundation, 3. Fudge Urban 'Powder Styler', 4. MUA eyeliner, 5. Une 'Cheery Lips Gloss', 6. Barry M kohl liner, 7. Natural Collection pressed powder, 8. 2true 'Effortless Eyeliner', 9. Benefit 'High Beam', 10. Barry M 'Lip Paint' in 156, Elf makeup brush.


  1. I'm trying to imagine Beth looking like Nicki Minaj...

    1. Haha that would certainly be very interesting! X