Saturday, 11 January 2014


Price: £4.19

This concealer really is a useful little thing to have in your makeup collection. Especially when you’re having one of those days where your skin definitely isn’t looking as clear and fresh as you wish it did. I have to admit, the mountain of rave reviews certainly swayed me when I found myself snatching the last of the fair shade from the Collection counter in Boots. Don’t give into peer pressure, kids, unless there’s a good beauty find at the end of it. I’d say I’ve been using this product for the best part of a year now so definitely feel I can give a well-rounded and accurate review.

Let’s start with the bad news, not that there’s much of it. Firstly, the colour range isn’t amazing. I find the fair shade a touch too light for my skin and the light slightly too orange-toned. You could of course mix the two colours together to match your shade but if I’m completely honest I’m just too lazy in the mornings. Instead, I buy the lighter colour and use it on high points of my face and under my eyes to bring brightness and create dimension. In addition, the formula is slightly drying on the skin but I feel this helps it to stay put throughout the day and, even with a dry skin type, I don’t find that this product clings to any dry patches.

For a full coverage concealer, the Collection Lasting Perfection is pretty much unbeatable on the high street. When comparing it to another quality concealer, Rimmel’s Wake Me Up, the thickness and high pigmentation is very apparent. The lovely people at Collection claim it has 16 hours wear and I would agree that the wear is extremely good, as long as you set it with powder (I like to use a transparent powder for this since the concealer itself is already quite dense). As it is just so good at staying put, I like to double it up as a base for my eyeshadow. Hooray for multi-purpose products! Although the packaging is simple, the doe foot applicator is easy to use and allows you to control the product well. To be quite honest, after a few uses, it isn’t the prettiest looking thing-congealed paste running down the outside doesn’t exactly add any luxury value to a product- but, for just over £4, I’m willing to overlook that little blip.



  1. I have never tried this before but I know others who have and loved it! x

    1. I would definitely recommend it! Such a great little product :) x