Saturday, 18 January 2014


Price: £6.99

After the huge success of their 'Wake Me Up' foundation, Rimmel certainly had some rather radiantly glowing shoes to fill. I have been a massive convert to their foundations from the very second I popped the orange lid of that bottle of sunshine. Needless to say, I was more than happy to test out another one. 

On first impression, the 'Match Perfection' was far less glow-on-hyperdrive than the 'Wake Me Up' but I actually quite like that about it. It brings a subtle, flawless quality to the skin and, though you do feel secure in the fact that all stubborn blemishes are covered, you feel as though you have very little product on your face. Don't get me wrong, this is definitely more medium than light coverage, but it blends so perfectly and the formula is so smooth that you would be forgiven if you forgot you had applied it. 

I have found that the colour 'Classic Ivory' is a great match for my skin tone. This is worth noting because I find it extremely difficult to match foundation to my colouring. I have fairly pale skin and find that products either wash my skin out even more than normal, or just come up too orangey. From watching and reading other beauty bloggers and vloggers, it appears that this colour is a good match for many paler people, a great number of whom don't even appear to have the same skin tone as me. What is this wizardry, Rimmel?! 

The only negative point I can really make about this foundation is that I'm not particularly keen on the smell of it. Not that I am vehemently, furiously, madly against it, but it's not quite as lovely as the 'Wake Me Up' or Bourjois' 'Healthy Mix' (another favourite of mine). 

In short, I would definitely recommend this very highly. I believe it would suit most skin types and the price range is amazing for such a good quality foundation. 


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