Tuesday, 21 January 2014


This week, I used the 'Vintage Romance' palette to create a celebrity-inspired look. If you'd like to know what I thought of this Sleek palette in depth, I'll leave a link to another blog post here. Having seen a photo of Amber Heard at the Golden Globes, I was determined to recreate this stunning look and actually found that the colours in this palette were perfect for it. If you'd like to see the inspiration photos I used, I will link an absolutely brilliant article here. It runs through the actual products her makeup artist used to create the look. Well, I found it very interesting anyway! 

Here's a little before and after for you:

What I like most about this makeup look is that it isn't too much to wear in the daytime. Yeah, Amber might have added a whole lotta glitter over the shadow, but you certainly don't have to. I actually chose not to (it was a struggle, believe me) because I wanted the look to be as wearable as possible.

Anyway, on with the tutorial!

Top row (from right): step 1, step 2; bottom row (from right): step 3, step 4

Step 1: Sweep 'Propose in Prague' all over your lid and up into the crease. I blended this up pretty high because that's how I felt the base had been done on Amber's eyes. I just used my MAC 286 to do this but any blending brush will do.

Step 2: Add the same shadow under your eyes. I brought it down quite far in order to keep it fairly similar to Amber's original look. For this, I used the Real Techniques smudging brush. Leave the inner corner of your bottom lash line free because we will be applying a highlight there later.

Step 3: Apply 'Court in Cannes' over the 'Propose in Prague' for a little bit of sparkle and to deepen the colour slightly. It also helps to give a more bronze tone to the finished look. 

Step 4: Line your top lash line roughly with a black kohl pencil. I used my Rimmel eyeliner for this. 

Top row (from right): step 5, step 6; bottom row: step 7

Step 5: On the website I looked at (linked before), Amber Heard's makeup artist used a plum pencil to line her eyes and then smudged it out with a black shadow. Since I don't have a plum pencil, I decided to get a bit creative. I mixed 'Forever in Florence' and 'Love in London' together and smudged it along the upper lash line to give a purple tone to the liner I had applied. You could just use black here if you preferred but I quite liked the hint of colour this effect provided.

Step 6: For the inner corner highlight, I applied a base of Topshop's 'Glow' highlighter and added a touch of 'Meet in Madrid' on the top for extra sparkle. I absolutely love the Topshop highlighter. It just gives the perfect finish. I would definitely recommend it!

Step 7: I applied some nude eyeliner to my lower waterline and added a lot of mascara. In the original look, individual lashes were used to boost the upper lashline. For an evening look, you could add them for a more dramatic effect.  In the bottom left photo I have attempted to recreate Amber's eye shape because I have a lot more visible lid space than her!

Below is the finished look with open and closed eyes.

Amber has paired this look with a neutral lip and bronzed face. Rimmel do some brilliant neutral lipsticks in their Kate Moss collection and the Bourjois chocolate bronzer would give your face the perfect healthy glow to complete the look.

I hope this tutorial has been useful. I realise it is not exactly the same as the original look, but it is something a lot simpler and more affordable for those of you who aren't on a celebrity budget! X

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